Paulina Robson invited to write in Sustainable Luxury Book released in UK August 30 2016

The Book "Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship: Stories from the Pioneers II" is the second volume of a must read book for anyone involved or interested in Responsible Luxury. It is used as study material in Business Schools of most renowned Universities. Paulina Robson was invited to write their story as one of the seven chapters of this book.

The book depicts the stories of 7 “pioneers”, which were selected for their desire to ensure that the creation, manufacturing and sale of the products and services they offer have a positive impact on the planet and on the people. One of them is the Chilean salmon leather handbags designer Paulina Robson.

On June 21st the book “Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship: More stories from the Pioneers II” was released for sale by Greenleaf Publishing, with an official event in Madrid. This book is a second part of a previous volume that also highlights the stories of entrepreneurs in the luxury business that care about sustainability worldwide. The foreword has been written by Alexandra Cousteau, explorer, filmmaker and water advocate, granddaughter of world famous French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Luxury products are now seen by a growing number of global consumers as an important and more widely available way of expressing personal aspirations and values. Many of these successful consumers now want the brands they use to reflect their concerns and aspirations. Such products come with a heavy social and environmental cost. Sustainable luxury is about rediscovering the old meaning of luxury – a considered purchase of a beautifully crafted object with built-in social and environmental value. The social entrepreneurs documented in the book highlight the relationship between personal values and sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation in developing and marketing luxury products. The pioneers outline how they have developed inclusive supply chains with poor and vulnerable communities.

One of them is the Chilean designer Paulina Robson, founder and CEO of the homonym brand Paulina Robson Handbags. Her artisan luxury handbags are made in Chile -South America- using salmon leather, a beautiful, exotic and textured skin that is a sustainable alternative compared to traditional exotic skins. In this way, value is added to a by-product of a widely cultivated fish in the Chilean territory: this industry generates tons of salmon skins as remnants and Paulina Robson Handbags gives them a second chance to glow.

The company only uses skins of species cultivated for the food industry. Paulina Robson Handbags signed an alliance with Salmones Camanchaca, one of the leader companies in the salmon industry in Chile and the world. All the salmon skins used for the bags come from Camanchaca's operations. Besides, the company gives a stable source of employment and contributes to fight hunger and thirst in the world through their Fashion for a Cause initiative (a percentage of every online sale is donated to the UN´s School Meals program).

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Book reviews

“Sustainable Luxury is a must-read for any executive or creative venturing into the luxury industry: it is the biggest challenge current and future leaders will have to tackle in order to align with their evolving customers priorities”.
Ketty Pucci-Sisti Maisonrouge, Luxury Entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor, Columbia
Business School and IE Business School


“An entertaining, lucid and illustrative tour of the emerging world of sustainable luxury, edited by the global experts in this field. Highly recommendable to students and managers looking for the practical side of management theories and for those attracted to the fascinating world of premium goods and services”.
Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, President IE University and Dean IE Business School,
Madrid, Spain


“Here is the much awaited book on how to develop pioneering luxury brands in practice”.
JN Kapferer, Professor at HEC and INSEEC Paris, France; co-author of The Luxury Strategy and Kapferer on Luxury


“Sustainable Luxury is a motivational and illustrative read that manifests the creative reconciliation of luxury and sustainability; an encouragement to any budding entrepreneur who seeks to make a lasting impact on society”. 
Sublime Magazine


“This book about sustainable luxury is the go-to blueprint for a new vision of enlightened consumption that respects both the earth’s resources and human ingenuity. A must-read for a future that celebrates beauty and fashion while gently caring for the planet”.
 Susan Rockefeller, designer, filmmaker and conservationist